6 thoughts mass population of literate India is going through after Surgical Strike 2

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After #surgicalStrike2, India was on its full mood to drill down terrorism and people were heartly thanking modi for taking this stand. But now when all the things have happned in a way which makes it hard to digest that #surgicalStrike was as successful as #SurficalStrike1 .

Reasons, lies only with people with brains. Before jumping to any conlusions lets see the facs and analyse them one after another.

After pulwama attack, entire nation was in deep grief cursin their Government beucause they has no one to blam directly.  Indian Goverenment was in dielima because saying that it was done by some kashmiri supporters was hard to justify. They needed somthing solid and acceptable to blam.

So this respobnsibility of blast and CRPF attack was allegedly taken by Jaish-E-Mohammad but no solid evidences of their claim were present which was later denied by the Pakistan Goverenment. Having said that, even if Jaish claimed that attack they never said they operated it from outside India, they might be hiding somewhere within country.

After that, there was cross air strike from pakistan and Pilot #wingcommanderAbhinandan was captured by the Pakistani army.

At this point if #surgicalStrike2 would have caused alleged destruction to Jaish-e-Mohammad then they would have used their link to ISI to pressurize Pakistan Govt not to release commander. But as the same time speculations are that because local mob has already viral the first video of capture of Pilot , it was hard for pakistan to either hide it or to violate Jeveva conviction under so strong pressure from all countries.

Nonetheless, Before releasing Abhinandan, there was massive demand from inside Pakistan as per social media that Indian Air Force commander should be released but it was not possible if there was distruction caused by Indian army during their air strike. As it was hard to hide the casuality for Pakistan Govt that even in the modren age of social media.

During all of this Pakistan Prime Minister Imaran Khan addressed nation and claimes openly that Indian #surgicalStrike2 has caused no casulaties to pakistan and they are releving Abhinandan. This Claim could have been strongly resisged by relative of allegedly killed tereorists or civilian of pakistan beucase it was not possible to avoid single incident of unintenstional destruction for indian air force while putting 1000 kg ammunition on their land to not hurt any non terrorist population.

So after all of this mass populatino of India is left with following thoughts making it hard to accept that things in #surgicalStrike2   went as cliamed by Modi Govt.

1. In #surgicalStrike2 , not a single visual of terrorist casulity was noticed on entire social media while it was massive at the time of #surgicalStrike1

2.  Why claims of Pakistani prime minister were not resisted by even a single user on social media that there were no casualities on Pak side after Air Strike from India.

3. How was it possible for them to release Abhinandan within two days if more then 300 terrorist were killed by #surgicalStrike2 as claimed by Govt. that even  when Pakistan Govt is lead by Imaran khan who work closlely with the pak army. ISI would have pressurised Pak Govt to put the release on hold because of mass destruction.

4. Why Jaish-E-Mohammad is not striking back with their revange propaganda like they yelled during #surgicalStrike1

5. Why no evidence of terrorist destructions are bing released by India Govt when they initially said they have all of it

6. Why this time Pakistan is not annoyed like they were at the time of #surgicalStrike1 and everyone in pakistant even their people and Govt. taking about peace?



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