After 19 years, Shilpa opened the secret, what was the real climax of Dhadkan.

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9 years ago, the film, released in 2000, Dhadkkan is still included in Fans’ favorite list. In the film, the love story of Dev and Anjali was shown. This role was played on the screen by Shilpa Shetty and Sunil Shetty. The film’s superhit couple Dev and Anjali (Shilpa Shetty and Sunil Shetty) appeared in the reality show Supdancer on Saturday night, both of which shared the many interesting stories associated with the film with the fans.

Shilpa Shetty, who was seen as a judge in Reality show Supdancer Chapter 3, first welcomed Sunil Shetty at the show. A series of memories of that golden period that started after that. Shilpa told me that during the time the film was being formed, I thought that this movie is no longer ready. The reason for this was that the film took five years to build.

5 years in the shooting of beating

Shilpa Shetty told me that for the film Anjali, I was cast for Dev and Akshay Kumar was cast for Sunil Shetty and Ram’s role. Director Dharmesh wanted to finish the film in three months. But Sunil was busy in another movie at that time. Due to both the dates, the shoot of the film was averted. Finally, Dharmesh took the second actor from Sunil’s place, shooted with him. But when Dharmesh felt at the time of the act, he was not bringing a new actor like Feeling, then he called Sunil. In doing so, it took 5 years for the entire film to shoot. The film was a huge success. Sunil Shetty got Filmfare for this. Shilpa said, if seen, it was written for Sunil Shetty like the roll.

This was the real climax of the film

Shilpa Shetty told that the climax of the Dhadkan film was not what was shown. Actually we later changed Climax due to Happy Ending. Shilpa who told Real Climax, Anjali tells Dev that she is going to be the mother of Ram’s baby. These are the words of God that die. But it was quite tragic when we showed that God goes with glory later.

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