Instagram Couple Slammed For ‘Dangerous’ Pic From Edge Of Infinity Pool.

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An Instagram-famous couple has come under fire for posing on the edge of an infinity pool in a stunt that many have dubbed “dangerous” and “foolish”. Kelly Castille and Kody Workman, however, have defended their infinity pool pic, saying that they took every precaution necessary and were never in any danger.

The image in question was posted online last Tuesday. Taken in Bali, where the American couple is currently based, it shows Kelly hanging bravely from the edge of an infinity pool, held up by Kody who is standing in water. According to Daily Mail, the picture was clicked at the Kayon Jungle Resort in Ubud.

Since it was shared online, the photograph has collected a ton of disparaging comments. While many slammed the couple for putting Instagram ‘likes’ before their own safety, others reproached them for being irresponsible and serving as an inspiration for copycats.

“Your ‘greatest sense of life’ is obviously not common sense,” wrote one person in the comments section. “Almost got a Darwin Award for this,’ said another. “Very stupid to risk the life of your significant one. Just for a stupid photo…” a third added.

The couple, however, replied to many of the critical comments to say that there was a pool underneath, which they cropped out to dramatise the photo.

Speaking to Fox News, they said: “The reality is that we felt safe, stable and confident for two reasons. First and foremost, there is another pool below that we cropped out of the shot for dramatisation. Secondly, we thought about this photo for days, considering the angles and potentials.”

As for the backlash… we know we were safe. A fall would have been nothing more than a nice splash and sprint up the stairs to try it again.”

This is definitely not the first time that Instagram bloggers have flirted with danger to get the perfect shot. Last year, a model got bit by a shark during a photo shoot in the Bahamas.

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