TikTok-Dead: After the order of HC, Google blocked the TikTok app in India

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Taking the popular video sharing app TikTok in India, the tech giant Google has followed the Madras High Court directive. This means that this app will not be able to download from Google Play. There is a huge market of tick talk in India and there is a lot of Android smartphones powered by Google. At the moment, no information has been found about the removal of the app from ios.

Recently, the court asked the Central Government to ban the TikTok app. The reason for the banning was given. This app promotes pornographic content. China’s company Bytedance Technology had appealed to the court to end the ban on the stamp app, although the court had rejected the appeal. Only after this Google decided to delete the app. At the moment Google has not made any official statement about this.

On April 3, the Madras High Court had asked the central government to ban a ban on tikok. The court had said that the Tikkap app is promoting pornography and it is also increasing sexual violence in children. The decision of the court to ban the ticklot has been taken after a public interest petition has been filed.

According to an officer in the Ministry of IME, the Center wrote the letter to the app and the app to ban Google and Apple after the order of the High Court. The government had asked Google and Apple to follow the order of the Madras High Court in Letter. The app was available on the ios till late Tuesday night, while the app has been removed from Google Play Store.

The case was heard in the Supreme Court on Monday, in which the Court said that the hearing of this case is currently being taken to the Madras High Court. In such a case, the Supreme Court will hear it on April 22. However, during the same period of the Supreme Court, the Madras High Court refused to stay on the decision on the app.

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